What is Calligraphy Yoga ?

Although Calligraphy yoga is a relatively young and modern practice, it has brought a lot of  and health and wellness to people in its 20 years of development. The slow and fluent movements allow you to perceive every detail of your body and increases your awareness of how your body is moving trough space. Movements are gentle and graceful what makes it feel like you are doing a dance with yourself.  These factors allow you to experience a deep sense of connection and eventually to find yourself in a ‘flow’ state. Calligraphy yoga works with 3-dimensional movements that help release muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. It specialises in increasing oxygen flow through the body, which supports the bodies natural capacity to heal itself. The end result of the practice are feelings of calmness, groundedness and happiness coming from inside

The practice is built on ancient knowledge from four long established traditions: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Calligraphy.


Tai Chi

Principles of Tai Chi teach us to move slowly and effortlessly

Qi gong

 Principles of Qi gong bring us the understanding of our internal energy and using the Dantian as an energy center.


 Postures of the tradition of yoga bring structure to the practice and support the build up of strength and flexibility.


 The ancient Chinese technique of Calligraphy is inspiration for the 3 dimensional and delicate movements of the practice. Making the movements graceful and intuitively. After participating in the first class, it gets very clear for most people why the practice is called Calligraphy yoga.






Master Yang

Calligraphy yoga is part of the Calligraphy health system founded by Master Zhenhua Yang. Master Yang has 50 years of experience in Qigong, Taoist health systems and various martial arts that form the basis of his unique system which can teach people how to generate internal power through breathing, postures and mental focus. Master Yang’s teaching comes from his family, whose lineage is of the bodyguards of the Emperor of China for hundreds of years. He was also trained in both the Taoist Wudang and the Buddhist Shaolin temples. Master Yang teaches his system internationally.

 For who?

Calligraphy yoga is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their physical health, strengthen their psychological resilience and cultivate their internal energetic reserves.The classes are very accessible for people with little experience in yoga since it is a very safe way of moving without forced stretching of the muscles and ligaments. Therefore the practice can also be practiced safely and be of great benefit for seniors. For the more experienced yogi it is a valuable addition to other practiced forms of yoga since the deepened connection works trough and you will be able to enjoy your own practice with a deepened level of sensitivity and perception. 

 Class set-up

The set-up of a Calligraphy yoga class differs slightly from other yoga classes. We will start with a meditation to arrive in the room and ground ourselves. Following this, the movements we will cover in the class will be explained thoroughly.  Therefore we will be able to use the rest of the time optimally and dive deeply into moving without distraction. Because of this everybody is able to keep their focus on themselves and flow intuitively.


    Naomi Fenna

    Naomi is an adventurous young woman who has always used body movement as a way of expressing and dealing with the day to day life. She has been dancing from a young age and tried out almost all forms of dance from classical ballet to salsa and Hip-Hop. During High school she performed often and competed in national championships. When she started her studies in Psychology she swapped the dance floor for a yoga mat and became devoted to the yoga practice. On one of her travels in South-America she met her teacher and lineage holder of Calligraphy yoga, Master Zhenhua Yang. The first time she tried-out this form of yoga was a life changing experience. For the first time she was able to experience a deep sense of connectedness to herself and the world around her. It was like she got to know her body in a new way and she could feel how energy is flowing trough different parts of the body. This marked the start of a beautiful journey of growing closer herself and people around her. Grateful to have found a practice in which she can combine two of her passions, yoga and dance, she followed 200hr teacher training in Calligraphy yoga with Master Yang. After finishing the training she started sharing her knowledge with friends and family. The classes were so well received that she got enthusiastic about sharing her passion with other people.


    Every Tuesday from 17:30 until 18:45

    The Wittenberg Wellness

    Nieuwe Kerkstraat 157



    first class: FREE

    per class: 15 euro

    4 classes: 40 euro

    Tickets are available on Eventbrite and Classpass


    Any questions? Send me a message!

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    It was such a pleasure attending Naomi’s calligraphy yoga sessions. It was my first time practicing this type of movement and I really felt like through the techniques I was able to connect my body and my inner-self. Naomi has such a calming presence and way of teaching the class that made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She gives clear directions as well that gives me structure and direction with the movements while she also allowed me to interpret the movements as I wished giving me the freedom to move the way I wanted to. I’d recommend her class to all my friends because I feel like I’ve learned something new and really valuable that I can build on in the future with my current yoga/spiritual practice.

    Christina Takayama


    I have really enjoyed Naomi her classes. She represents the lovely flowing exercises in a open and
    Intuitive way that makes it possible for me to truly sink into the experience. The music and atmosphere
    she creates in her classes is very warm and welcoming. The calligraphy exercises, give the possibility to
    move beyond the physical body; to truly feel the energies moving inside of you and bringing you on a
    Inner journey. These classes are suitable for everyone who wants to be guided by a wonderful teacher
    to experience the energetic effects of calligraphy yoga on mind, body and soul. <3
    Celine Zwijsen

    Dru yoga teacher

    I used to be semi-skeptical towards yoga, but the way Naomi taught Calligraphy yoga entirely changed that attitude. I went to the first class of the series and was surprised to almost unconsciously attend most of them in the end. It’s has been a very intimate and relaxing couple of weeks.

    Mischa Dekker

    Young Professional

    Deze vorm van yoga is soepel, zacht en een getaway van het hectische stadsleven. Na elke les voelde ik de energie door mijn lichaam stromen en de rust in mijn hoofd. Het is een dans met jezelf die op een heldere en hartelijke manier wordt begeleid door Naomi. Naomi laat je kennis maken met de bewegingen met respect en waardering voor het lichaam. Van haar aanwezigheid wordt je als vanzelf rustig en meer gegrond zodat je kan overgeven aan de flow van de mooie sequenties. Volledig genieten zo een les!!



    Naomi’s class is a fix point in my schedule I am looking forward to even days before the class. Its a wonderful hour of stress release, calming down and getting into the body. Naomi creates a beautiful and safe environment all about learning and getting to know the body and energy. You will leave the room present, relaxed and energized. I can totally recommend her class and already implemented some exercises in my morning routine.




    Master Zhenhua Yang explains his health system

    Sidsel practicing Calligraphy yoga

    Physiotherapist & Yoga teacher Simon Borg (Synergy yoga) explaining the benefits of the Calligraphy health system

    Jaime demonstrating the flowing ribbon movement

    Master Zhenhua Yang explains his health system

    Sidsel practicing Calligraphy yoga

    Physiotherapist & Yoga teacher Simon Borg (Synergy yoga) explaining the benefits of the Calligraphy health system

    Jaime demonstrating the flowing ribbon movement